The Best Drug Ever!

If we had the opportunity to make the BEST DRUG EVER what qualities would it have?

You may say it would cure the ill it was meant to cure.  So, it would have to be Effective.

You may also say that while it’s doing it’s thing it probably shouldn’t be killing you or hurting you in the process.  So, it would have to be Safe.

It would be nice if it only did the thing it was supposed to do, and nothing else.  So, it would have to be Selective.

Remember ‘ESS’!  For Super Drug!

There are many other qualities that would make a drug completely ideal, like reversibility, predictability, low cost, and no interactions with other drugs!

Well, what are we waiting for?  As you may have guessed, the BEST DRUG EVER doesn’t exist.  There isn’t a drug that is completely effective, safe or selective all the time.  But we can use these guidelines to make the safest drugs possible.  We call these guidelines the Therapeutic Objective.

The Therapeutic Objective is to get the most out of a drug while doing the least amount of harm.


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