I have set up this blog as an informal and (hopefully) entertaining reference for anyone who wants more information on pharmacology, or is just interested in how drugs work.  This is not by any means a textbook analysis of pharmacology, nor an official reference. Rather, it is an idea borne from the observation that many students (and professionals!) seem to hate pharmacology, or find it frustrating. I LOVE pharmacology, so I figure that pouring the love into a blog might somehow be useful.

What you will find on these pages begins with introductions to drug receptors and targets. This information is specifically geared towards people with a background in anatomy and physiology. I strongly believe that if you understand which receptor or target the drug affects, you will have fewer problems memorizing names of drugs and their side effects.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, correct me if you think I’m wrong, or comment!  Just don’t bother calling me the biggest geek in the world, because trust me, I’m aware.



Part-time alpha agonist/Registered Nurse                                                                                    


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Imagine, Darcy a geek! Seriously, this is a great read…especially if you don’t have an in-depth understanding of the subject.

  2. Darcy – Tell me about Tramadol. Makes pain go away, but am horribly dizzy, Have just had knee replacement 3 weeks ago. I have stopped taking it, but am not glad. Mary

    1. Mary,
      Tramadol is a synthetic drug that has a similar effect to opioid agonists (like codeine, for example). Dizziness is one of the adverse effects that some people experience, and since you have had knee surgery, you certainly don’t need any more difficulty getting around (not to mention the risk for falls)! I would recommend telling your doctor immediately so you are able to have your pain under control. There are other similarly-acting drugs out there that might be more appropriate for your body; everyone is different! I hope that you are able to get some help so you can have a more low-stress recovery. Take care of yourself and stay strong! –Darcy

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